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Long story short, it worked! Our organization experienced a marked improvement in the number of qualified responses. Also, Bid Ops has been exceptional in their flexibility and responsiveness to our needs and concerns.
— Alan Peck, Procurement Manager at Los Angeles World Airports


BID OPS Procurement Automation cloud

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Run Better Bids.

Bid Ops was created by procurement professionals for procurement professionals with the following mission: accelerating business partnerships between top buyers and leading suppliers. Bid Ops Procurement Automation Cloud achieves this with a simple user experience over a powerful artificial intelligence engine that automates request strategy,  bid analysis and enables apples-to-apples comparisons between vendors based on both performance and price. Our Fortune 500 customers get better offers from more vendors and leaders get to focus on what matters most: awarding the best vendor at the best price, and building outstanding relationships. 


Procurement Automation Cloud runs better bids.

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Procurement Automation Cloud

Procurement Automation Cloud enables your sourcing team to set goals, track progress and measure success on bids at scale, producing superior strategic outcomes. Our artificial intelligence forecasts the outcome of a bid before it even starts.

Bid Ops can improve outcomes for any competitive bidding process.

Here's why we're different than other platforms:

  • Bid Ops Automatically Executes Against Goals for Cost Reduction - Enterprises pay a premium for "analysis paralysis" in procurement, which is why Bid Ops asks buyers to set goals and then the app recommends, confirms and executes best bid practices . Our analytics compare vendors instantly on price and performance, and our customers get to do business with their preferred vendors with terrific pricing.

  • Quick to Market: Build High-Impact Bids Using Agile Workflow - As experienced procurement professionals, we know that adoption on new apps can be challenging. That's why Bid Ops can be used entirely via email, pushing request and response data to make sure everyone has all the information they need to take the best possible action.

  • Predictive Risk Management & Negotiation Dashboard - Bid Ops provides an outstanding level of service to make sure that you're using the right key performance indicators (KPIs) where they can make a difference in a bidding process. This enables your team to manage risk during times of global price volatility.



Contractor Outreach Service

Bid Ops provides a Contractor Outreach Service, focused on public procurement.

Bid Ops Contractor Outreach Service gets your agency better bids from better vendors.

Do you run a Supplier Matchmaking, Local Procurement or Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program? Bid Ops Contractor Outreach Service has got you covered.

Getting more bids from more qualified vendors reduces cost and improves award scenarios.

What’s our secret? Our research shows that small business hate logging into vendor registration portals. So we enabled a bid management system that complies with regulations for “sealed bid” sourcing, but works entirely through email.

No logins. No manual data entry. No integration. No service disruptions. Better outcomes. Every bid.

Download our Capability Statement for Public Buyers.


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Today, Bid Ops is trusted by companies that procure $54.5B.


"Bid Ops is simply the best way to get your preferred vendors to offer you better pricing while also making a holistic and compliant award decision."

— Jorge Mazon, Contract Negotiator - St. Joseph Providence - Healthcare


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