Vendor Spotlight: Edible Rex

Kait Ries

In a world where everything we want is at our finger tips it's important to take our eyes off those little screens and look around to see what is available in our own communities. As a busy working mom, I value efficiency, quality and price but it's even better for me when I can support local businesses and people in my community at a price that won’t break the bank.

When I go to the farmers market and grab fresh fruit or vegetables directly from the farmer, I know I am contributing to my community, to the farmer and his/her family, and know that the items I am buying are healthy, ethically grown and produced locally.

I reached out to a friend and small business owner, Rachael Baum, to ask her how she feels about local vendors, she told me “I do try to source locally as much as I can. I carry big name brands in my store, but I also stock locally handmade items. I feel like people who go out of their way to support small businesses appreciate things sourced locally.  People who shop in my store like feeling like they are getting something one of a kind. But also, I think they like that the money goes directly into a real, actual persons hand from our local community.”

Recently, Bid Ops was able to support the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation in the sourcing of a local food vendor for the City of Detroit Summer Food program, the City's single largest expenditure on food. Bid Ops was able to connect 70 vendors to bid on the food services program. The winner of the bid was a long time and well-established Detroit catering company, Edibles Rex, who burgeoned from a small restaurant (Silver Spoon Carry-Out Café in Grosse Pointe Woods) that the owner Tammy Tedesco started in 1992 to service Metro-Detroit with some top-notch catering

Tammy, Founder and CEO at Edible Rex, said “Bid Ops reached out to us to make sure that we knew about the bid for Detroit’s Summer Food Service Program. Thank you, Bid Ops!” We at Bid Ops couldn't be happier to link Edible Rex and the City of Detroit to feed hungry local kids and help spur new growth for an iconic local business! 

Rex’s Lunch Bag (above) are used in the summer food program.

Rex’s Lunch Bag (above) are used in the summer food program.

If you're a buyer looking to source local, ethical, minority owned, woman owned, veteran owned partners and small businesses from your local community for your business needs, contact us today

While our platform does save time and money, (more vendors bidding = more savings for local governments), it's about more than just efficiency sand savings. We at Bid Ops pride ourselves in being able to connect people, foster relationships and help communities grow. If you manage a procurement program, start making your bids build power in your community. Run your RFQs with Bid Ops, buy local and run better bids.

Thank you, Detroit Economic Growth Corporation and Edible Rex!