Intentional Inclusion

Being Intentional About Disadvantaged Business (DBE) Inclusion


I recently had the opportunity to attend a National Association of Minority Contractors Conference on “Riding to New Destinations” focusing on highways, rail, electric vehicle infrastructure, airport and port projects in Los Angeles. What I found is that there seems to be a quiet disconnect between large companies and projects hiring DBEs and DBEs actually finding and fulfilling such contracts.

The importance of opening these doors, knowing they are opened and seeing them through is vital to our community. A more diverse and genuinely inclusive workforce including small businesses, veteran, minority and women owned businesses will make our cities, states, country a better place to live for everyone and create jobs that result in a better economy.


How to support DBEs, SBEs and DBVEs? (Disadvantaged business Enterprise, Small Business Enterprise, Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise)

  • Recognizing, embracing, and supporting qualified vendors that represent the stakeholders and community your organization serves.

  • Consistent updates on procurement opportunities, mandatory pre-bid meetings, and training activities. Understanding what makes a process accessible or inaccessible causes buyers to have resources ready to answer inevitable questions and decrease ambiguity.

  • Assist DBEs in developing a business plan and identifying projects to bid, cost analysis competitive bidding, and marketing strategy.

  • Use Bid Ops Contractor Business Inclusion Services - It is the perfect way for public procurement teams to engage local businesses and  increase vendor responses in an easy and effective way.

To learn more about Bid Ops Contractor Outreach Solution and read cases studies where we tripled the number of vendors or awarded a women owned small business a contract, visit our website at or email us today at Here are some more resources:

Are you a DBVE? Check out Veteran Career Transition Assistance Program.


“We increase the veteran employment rate by helping transitioning military, veterans, and military spouses build personal confidence and enhance their individual economic stability through job search skills training, practical tools, and one-on-one coaching.”


“Veterans employed in the career of their choice, where they can comfortably provide for themselves and their family, and be contributing members of their community.”

Are you a SBE? Check out SCORE.

·      Free Workshops

·      On Demand Courses

·      Free business mentors

·      How To Guides

Are you a DBE? Check out The DBE Accelerator!

For an appointment: 310-644-2500

They deliver expert assessment, advisory and implementation assistance to expedite business capacity expansion and work towards exponential growth. They offer small and diverse businesses:

·      Strategic Growth & Gap Assessments

·      Capacity Building & Expansion

·      Business Infrastructure Development

·      Growth Capital & Financing Support

·      Scaling Implementation Assistance


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