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Getting more bids from more qualified vendors reduces cost and improves award scenarios.


Is your procurement team overworked?

20% of current public procurement workforce is retiring.

62% of procurement departments see no headcount change.

30% of procurement departments see increased workload.

This means in public procurement teams across America, fewer people are being asked to do more work.

Long story short, it worked! Our organization experienced a marked improvement in the number of qualified responses. Also, Bid Ops has been exceptional in their flexibility and responsiveness to our needs and concerns.
— Alan Peck, Procurement Manager at Los Angeles World Airports

Exceed expectations for DBE vendor participation.

Bid Ops Contractor Outreach Service leverages a powerful artificial intelligence engine & geofencing to drive increased vendor participation from those that matter most to your organization.

Read about a recent success story for Detroit Economic Growth Corporation

Average Daily Viewers

Solicit from a wider vendor pool to bid on your contracts.

Bid Ops recently partnered with City Innovate to increase vendor participation its member municipalities. Our Contractor Outreach service drove significant results in qualified vendor responses to over 2 dozen open solicitations, surpassing City Innovate’s highest vendor participation projection by 27%.

Bid Ops means better bids.

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Achieve astonishingly great price outcomes in your bids.

The Bid Ops Procurement Platform is a cloud-based service that drives exponential improvements and market-leading results in procurement. This leads to 15%+ savings on Indirect & Tail Spend for Top Tier Public Agencies & Local Governments.


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