Bid Ops provides automated negotiation software and contractor outreach services that leverage artificial intelligence to optimize procurement savings.

Run better bids.


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Achieve astonishingly great price outcomes in your bids.

The Bid Ops Procurement Automation Cloud is a cloud-based service that drives exponential improvements and market-leading results in procurement. This leads to 24%+ savings on Managed Services and Raw Materials solicitations for Enterprise. More info.

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Exceed expectations for DBE vendor participation.

Bid Ops Contractor Outreach Service leverages a powerful artificial intelligence engine & geofencing to drive increased vendor participation from those that matter most to your organization. More info.


We Drive Savings Across All Commodities & Services

Bid Ops demonstrates measurable success across all commodities and verticals. Bid Ops was created by procurement professionals for procurement professionals, regardless of buying category.



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Indirect Spend



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Tail Spend

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Raw Materials

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Managed Services

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Global Footprint

We optimize savings for buyers across the world.

Wherever your vendors are, Bid Ops is there.

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