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Orchestrate Program

Automated KPI Dashboard Co-Innovation Program


No surveys, no queries, no worries. Orchestrate KPI Dashboards turn data from disparate sources into real-time actionable information to be used across Procurement departments and enterprises. Orchestrate offers data monitoring, outlier detection & exception management, and automated alerts to prioritize procurement tasks.

Bid Ops offers its Orchestrate solution through a workshop experience, to procurement leaders with a unique vision for real-time Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) monitoring. Examples of Orchestrate co-innovations include launching a Supplier Diversity by Purchase Order dashboard, a real-time Purchase Request Cycle Time tracker, a Purchase Price Variance (PPV) tracker and a tracker for patterns and exceptions across multiple workstreams.

The Co-Innovation program includes one sourcing project completed complimentary, which can be deployed as an RFP, RFQ, RFI, auction or game theoretic negotiation during the dashboard subscription.

Benefits include:

Innovation Workshop
One hour, expert led professional development workshop to align on objectives, brainstorm on metrics to track and co-create an automated visual dashboard.

Intuitive Dashboard
Deploy a dashboard through a secure portal, for use with stakeholders. Get the whole team on board with visibility to the numbers that matter.

Exception Alerts
Let the system notify key personnel when it spots outliers. Utilize alerts for exceptions, with automated email notifications to staff who can prioritize based on business impact.

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