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Bid Ops was founded with the mission of enabling sourcing teams to run better bids. We do this by eliminating manual bid analysis and visual spreadsheet comparison from the procurement workflow, allowing sourcing leaders to spend more time on what matters most: awarding the best vendor at the best price. Due to the headache of comparing a large number of line items weighted on multiple criteria, sourcing teams face a practical constraint on the number of vendor bids they can analyze during any award cycle.


Not anymore. Bid Ops isn't just software: our platform enables sourcing managers to implement best negotiating practices at scale to unlock billions in savings. By creating visible metrics for negotiations, Bid Ops enables sourcing managers to set measurable goals, track key performance indicators and drive successful award outcomes.

Today, Fortune 100 procurement departments and leading government agencies in the US and Europe use the Bid Ops secure cloud platform to accelerate strategic savings and superior performance in multi-vendor negotiations, driving an average of 23% savings. Our seamless email workflow lives in vendors' inboxes and allows them to send CSV price bids directly to the Bid Ops analytics dashboard, where procurement analysts can select evaluation criteria, determine negotiation strategy and compare award scenarios.

Our platform automates the request, comparison & negotiation process.

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For Enterprise & Healthcare

Automated Negotiation Platform.

Bid Ops enables your sourcing team to set goals, track progress and measure success on multi-vendor bid negotiations, driving massive savings at scale.

Here's what sets Bid Ops a cut above the rest:

  • Zero Integration Needed - Integrations chase the impossible dream of one-size-fits-all procurement software. Negotiators know that one size does not fit all, which is why you need solutions that deliver awesome results today, not tomorrow. By using CSV data sources and simple inputs, Bid Ops allows you to start driving savings right away and gain valuable insight into your negotiation calendar.
  • The Simplest Interface = No Interface - As experienced procurement professionals, we know that training staff on new apps can be challenging. That's why Bid Ops can be used entirely via email, pushing request and response data to make sure everyone has all the information they need to take the best possible action.
  • Machines Don't Think Twice When Asking For A Price Reduction - Enterprises pay a premium for "analysis paralysis" in procurement, which is why Bid Ops not only automated bid analysis and comparison but also the vendor communication around price negotiation. By implementing rules-based best practices in negotiation, we guarantee that you'll get better pricing every time.


For Government Agencies

Automate Outreach To Small, Local & Disadvantaged Businesses.

The Bid Ops government sourcing platform allows public procurement professionals to drive outstanding results in small, local and disadvantaged business participation by automating the sourcing process.

Because your vendor registration portal is a headache for small businesses.

What’s our secret? Our research showed that small business hate logging into vendor registration portals. So we enabled a bid management system that complies with regulations for “sealed bid” sourcing, but works entirely through email.

No logins. No manual data entry. No integration. No service disruptions. Better outcomes. Every bid.

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Today, Bid Ops is trusted by companies that procure $49B in goods & services.

"Bid Ops is simply the best way to get your vendors to offer you better pricing while also making a holistic award decision."

— Jorge Mazon, Contract Negotiator - St. Joseph Providence - Healthcare


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