Optimal '22 - The Leadership Summit for Predictive Procurement

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Optimal '22

The Leadership Summit for Predictive Procurement

March 23-24, 2022     New York City

The Leadership Summit for Predictive Procurement​

Optimal '22
Learn About Market Trends

CPO & CFO Panels

Influence More Spend Predict and stay ahead of price increases

Influence More Spend Drive predictable cost savings using data

Influence More Spend Align with C-Suite strategic objectives

Analytics Skill Workshops

Get Better Quotes FasterSharpen your procurement KPI reports with new techniques

Get Better Quotes FasterEarn Continuing Education (CE) credits for attending Optimal

Get Better Quotes FasterGet process templates for optimal supply resilience, diversity & ESG

Stop Leaving Money on the Table
The Optie Awards

The Opti Awards

Networking Opportunities for Procurement ProfessionalsRecognizing excellent CPOs, CoE leaders and Category Managers

Networking Opportunities for Procurement ProfessionalsGiven by peer jury for Raw Materials, MRO, CapEx, Indirect Services and more

Networking Opportunities for Procurement ProfessionalsElevate the role of high-performing procurement within your company

If we are able to approve your request, a $395 conference fee will be required.

Covid-19 Precautions

Arkestro prioritizes the health and safety of Optimal ‘22 attendees. All Optimal ‘22  attendees must abide by all safety guidelines and protocols required by Arkestro or the event venue, which may include COVID-19 testing and/or vaccination requirements, mask/facial covering requirements, and/or social distancing requirements. In order to attend, all Optimal ‘22  participants must show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination (in accordance with then-current New York City guidelines) at the event.

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