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Bid Ops is the only solution that uses artificial intelligence to dynamically model and optimize multi-vendor procurement negotiations at scale, enabling global enterprises to measure and manage their strategic spend for improved vendor performance and outstanding pricing. By executing against data-driven target prices, buyers use Bid Ops to reduce tedious busywork and negotiate commercial terms for optimal vendor relationships.


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Edmund Zagorin Co-founder & CEO

As a procurement practitioner, Edmund experienced the tedium of pivoting spreadsheets to evaluate vendor bids based on a set of ever-changing qualitative and quantitative criteria, leading him to form the team that created the Bid Ops platform. Edmund frequently meets with groups of F1000 executives to discuss the evolving role of artificial intelligence in spend analysis, vendor audit, bid scoring and across the enterprise procurement stack. 




“Our organization experienced a marked improvement in the number of qualified responses. Also, Bid Ops’ has been exceptional in their flexibility and responsiveness to our needs and concerns.” Alan Peck, Procurement Manager at Los Angeles World Airports


“We are over the moon at the results [from Bid Ops].” Rupal Ismin, COO at City Innovate


“The financial results of Bid Ops are quite impressive.” Dr Sven Theysohn, Director Global Procurement at BASF


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